Dr. Kimberly McLeod

Greetings TABSE Members,

What a year!

The state organization has R.I.S.E.N. and we are moving forward at a rapid pace. You should be proud to be a TABSE member. Knowledge is power, and with knowledge, we can improve the culture of education of our learners.

There is also power in numbers and we are excited that our membership continues to increase as we have new affiliates that are forming and reorganizing across the state. To promote TABSE membership, we have designated August and September as months for TABSE Recruitment u0026amp; New Member Awareness.

We serve TABSE because we work to improve the condition of education for children of African descent and support those who teach and lead them. We serve TABSE so we can influence legislative policy and help promote members into leadership positions. We celebrate our members in our leadership pipelines who have been promoted and have progressed into leadership positions. We celebrate those teachers who will soon be the TEACHER of the YEAR. We celebrate our inaugural group of fellows who are steeped in knowledge of legislative policy. We continue to grow, as we continue to serve.

WE are TABSE and we serve together.

Kimberly McLeod, Ed.D.
TABSE President

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